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Metering and Dosing Progressive Cavity Pumps

Pump Descriptions

Liberty Process Equipment offers Progressive Cavity Metering and Dosing Pumpsfor low flow, high accuracy pumping applications. Liberty stocks 3 series of pumps, the ADPL, ANPL and ML series.

These Pumps range in flows from .02 up to 9.5 GPM and at discharge pressures up to 450 PSI.The most common application for these pump is for polymer feed to treat wastewater but can also be used in a variety of applications where low flow and high accuracy are required. Contact your Liberty Process Equipment representative today for more information.

ADPL, ANPL and ML pumps are available in cast iron and 316 Stainless Steel. Wetted parts and are ready to ship same-day from our facility. A wide variety of motors and controls are available for the ADBPL from Liberty Process Equipment to meet your exact control needs and budget.

Curves & Performance

Liberty Process can offer a drive and control option to meet your needs and budget. From a single fixed spaced motor in AC or DC to a single hand dial to vary the speed to a remote control PLC, Liberty Process Equipment has your low-flow pumping solutions ready to ship same day. Contact us today for a quote and see the difference the ADPL, ANPL and ML pump series can make in your low-flow pumping applications.


Liberty ADPL / ADBPL Series progressive cavity pumpADPL and ADBPL Progressive Cavity Metering and Dosing Pumps are available in 3 sizes with flows to 0.80GPM and pressure ratings up to 175 PSI.

  • RANGE 0 - .8 GPM
  • PRESSURE 0 - 175 PSI
  • High Accuracy Polymer Feed Pumping
  • Additive Metering in Oil Blending Applications
  • Sampling/Dosing Applications


Liberty ANPL / ANBPL progressive cavity pumpANPL and ANBPL Progressive Cavity Metering and Dosing Pump are available in 3 sizes for flows up to 9.5 GPM and pressure ratings up to 300 PSI.

  • RANGE 0 - 9.5 GPM
  • PRESSURE 0 - 350 PSI

ML Pumps

Liberty ML Series progressive cavity pumpML Series of Progressive Cavity Metering and Dosing pumps are available in many sizes depending upon your application needs.

  • RANGE 0 - 24 GPM
  • PRESSURE 0 - 450 PSI
  • Industrial Chemical Mixing Applications
  • Wastewater Treatment Polymer Feed Applications
  • Sampling/Dosing Applications

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