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LL8 Series

Drilling Mud and Slurry Pump

Liberty Series Icon The LL8 Progressive Cavity Pump is ideal for abrasive pumping applications as a drilling fluids with sand and grit such as fracking operations. As a Mud Pump, the LL8 Series is a popular model on many mobile pumping rigs in use today. Replacement mud pump parts are available as well from our stock and work on other popular manufacturers models.

LL8 parts are direct drop-in aftermarket replacements that work with the *Moyno® L8 series, the *Tarby® TL8 series and *Continental® CL8 Series*. The Liberty unit is a low-cost, maintenance free, dependable drop-in replacement progressive cavity unit.

The Liberty LL8 is a standard flanged pump design manufactured with cast iron or 316 stainless steel pump casings designed in 1, 2, and 3 stages for 75, 150 and 225 psi discharge pressures and a flow rate of (11.7 gallons/100 revolutions) 18 up to 100 GPM.

The LL8 is a modular design with simple hardened pinned joint drive assembly. LL8 Rotors are typically hardened tool steel or 316 stainless steel with a hard chrome plating for long life in abrasive pumping applications.

All other wetted parts are either carbon steel or 316 stainless steel. Stators are available in many elastomer materials such as buna, natural rubber, epdm and viton. The standard seal design is a set of gland packing with a lantern ring and flush connections. Mechanical seal options for this progressive cavity pump are readily available.

The LL8 represents one of the most popular progressive cavity pumps available for the transport of drilling mud with easily replaceable in-stock parts.

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The Liberty LL8 Progressive Cavity Pump drilling mud, rendering plants and grease truck applications

Liberty LL8 Series Pump Parts

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Liberty LL8 Series Pump Parts

    Pumps available online

  • Single Stage Progressive Cavity Pump Buna Nitrile Stator/ CP Steel Rotor/ Packing Seal from Liberty Process Equipment.
  • Three Stage Progressive Cavity Pump Buna Nitrile Stator/ CP Steel Rotor/ Packing Seal from Liberty Process Equipment.

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