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About Liberty Process Equipment, Inc.

Liberty Process Equipment, Inc. was launched in July, 2000 as an alternate solution for the supply of progressive cavity pumps and replacement pump parts for as well as providing engineered pumps for difficult applications.

About Liberty Process Equipment, Inc.

For over 15 years our pumping solutions have become a welcome response to the pumping industry's requirement for a high-quality, price-competitive Progressive Cavity Pump Parts supplier.

Liberty Process Equipment specializes in:

High Performance Progressive Cavity Pumps for Industry

About Liberty Process Equipment, Inc.

Liberty supplies several ranges of progressive cavity pumps for your application needs. We offer a wobble stator series, a standard series, a heavy-duty series, a hopper series and a sanitary, quick disassembly, series.

Liberty also offers a full range of engineered pumps and pump systems to meet engineering contractor projects. We offer pumps in custom dimensions as well as being able to utilize custom materials to meet extremes in corrosion and abrasive pumping applications.

We offer pumps capable of high suction lift for the lowest NPSHA applications as well as pumps capable of pumping to 800-psi discharge pressures up to 350°F. We can handle abrasive pumping applications including large solids in suspension.

Replacement PC Pump Parts

About Liberty Process Equipment, Inc.Liberty stocks a selection of the most popular replacement pumps and pump parts for progressive cavity pumps in use today. Liberty parts are direct-drop-in replacement parts for some of the most pupular manufacturer brands in use.

*Supported pumps include:

All of our parts are available in the most popular materials for your use. PC Stators: Available in Buna Nitrile, Viton, EPDM, Natural Rubber PC Rotors: Available in Hardened Tool Steel and Stainless Steel, both with Chrome Plating PC Pump Casings: Available in Cast Iron and Stainless Steel PC Wetted Parts: Available in Tool, Regular and Stainless Steel, with or without Hard Chrome Plating. Other options available as well.

Progressive Cavity Pump Repair and Consultation

Do you require Progressive Cavity Pump Repair or do you have an upcoming job that requires planning and coordination for your new pumping applications? Let Liberty Process Equipment be your solution for a one-stop pump shop for you!

Our engineers at Liberty Process Equipment have many years' experience providing progressive cavity pumps for projects for engineering contractors throughout the world. This experience enables us to meet the demanding requirements of these customers.

Liberty is also fully experienced in providing pumps with custom dimensions to meet the need of any "difficult" pumping application. We offer our pumps and pump-packages to match existing piping systems. We also offer custom suction hoppers for any variety of applications in steel and stainless steel.

We stock a full line of replacement progressive cavity pump parts that can be installed and tested for full functionality and returned to you with a full warranty for operability and service.

The benefits are obvious to any pump user that can match existing dimensions whether it is a long standing installation or we offer an OEM an alternative pump supplier without having to create new drawings.

Come to us for all your custom progressive cavity pump applications and see the difference Liberty Process Equipment can make for you.

S.P.A.R.E.S. College / University Pump Program

Discounted or Free Industrial Pumps for Education

If you are a College, University, Training Facility or Government sponsored research facility then We have a great pumping solution available for you and your budget.

As a supplier and manufacturer of high quality Progressive Cavity Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Dissolved Air Flotation Pumps and Hot Oil Pumping Systems, Shanley Pump and Equipment for over 30 years has been a friend to the educational field with not only special discounts for Schools and Educational Training Facilities, but now we also offer Free and Highly Discounted Pump Programs though the Shanley Pump and Equipment S.P.A.R.E.S. program.

S.P.A.R.E.S. stands for Surplus Pump And Refurbishment Equipment Services.

Both Shanley Pump and Equipment and Liberty Process Equipment refurbish and repair industrial pumping solutions for over three decades. On a regular basis we have pumps exchanged with us from corporations that have purchased a new model and replaced the old or have donated the old assembly to us for refurbishment. These pumps are then taken into our repair facility and refurbished to 100% working order, but they cannot be sold as new!

The benefit is therefore yours as an educational facility as we can offer these pumps with either extremely deep discounts or even 100% free, freight included! This gives you as a School or University access to a quality pumping solution for either free or pennies on the dollar!

In the past year we have supplied pumps for:

We offer special discounts to educators and universities on all of our new pumping solutions available through both Liberty process Equipment and Shanley Pump and Equipment, so why not contact us today and tell us of your pumping application requirements.

All free pumps are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. please use the contact form and tell us of your needs and we'll be glad to assist you in any way we can.

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